Sailing ship Hoppet

The fore-and-aft schooner Hoppet. Thousands of two masted schooners have been built in Estonia. The end of 19th century and the first decades of the 20th century were the golden years of building fore-and-aft schooners sailing ships. Eventually, as it happens with many things, time changed and engines started to rule the waters over the two masted schooners, called also galeas. Nowadays, because of many hard turns in history, Hoppet is the only remaining galeas built in Estonia.

Hoppet was built in Läänemaa, Spitham, located in west Estonia between the years 1925-1926. It’s first birth certificate – the bill of tonnage which was given by the Maritime Authority in Tallinn. contained the following information: Name: Hoppet, home port: Haapsalu, sailing under Estonian flag. Two masted sailing galeas, built out of pine tree by Matthias Schönberg in Rikhold, one deck. The brand new Hoppet began her life at the fullest.

Estonian ships were highly appreciated by neighbouring countries and soon Hoppet was sold to Finland. Until the 1960’s Hoppet served as a cargo ship in Finland and Aaland, then it was sold to Sweden where a new era began – the cargo became people. who wanted to spend their free time by breathing salty air. During the years Hoppet has been renovated by hundreds of people, renovation was in the beginning of 21st century. This extended recovery included changing basically the whole ship – piece by piece. Within about dozen years of renovation works in Sweden, Finland and Estonia, Hoppet has became the “new old” ship.

Hoppet unifies people who love history and travelling. It was built to last even the worst condition of open seas. People who has been on Hoppet’s board, knows to tell that the special kind of aura, living conditions on calm and stormy seas and getting along with the others on board helps to find your true self. These very special moments can occur on an old sailing ship. The Estonian Swedish ship builders named it Hoppet – “hope” in Swedish. We hope to find you discovering new lands and discovering yourself on board of Hoppet soon.

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